Thursday , 20 February 2020
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How to Get Clients and Make Money as a Feng Shui Consultant – Part Two

by Dr. Rob, editor
This is the second of several installments. Please let me know your ideas, suggestions and opinions.
You need to have a Web Site.
In Part One, we talked about how important it was to have a good web site, and how it should be written so people could find you on the internet.
My close friend, Sheila Wright is a Master at this. She tells me that she can get up to 3 paying clients a week from her web sites.
Join Organizations
My good friend Gisi Stupp joined two very exclusive organizations to promote her Feng Shui practice, Le Tip and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.
Both groups were very skeptical at first. But Gisi worked hard for a year to prove herself. The Le Tip group referred many clients to her, and the Chamber of Commerce asked Gisi to Feng Shui the Santa Monica City Pier!
She can now point with pride, and show potential clients her picture and a story about her Feng Shui practice in the local newspaper!
Talk, Teach and Write
Let’s talk about talking the talk. Like your web site. You want your potential client to know three things:
1. Who you are!
2. What you do!
3. How you do business!
You need to put together several presentations that you can give in a variety of situations, from 30 seconds to 3 hours.
1. 30 Second talk is for when you meet someone new and you are greeting each other, or you are in a large business setting where people are allowed 30 seconds introduce themselves.
2. 25-45 minute presentation is for when you have been asked by a business or civil group to be their keynote speaker.
3. 3-hour presentation is for giving introductory Feng Shui classes.
Public speaking and giving classes are major source of getting clients. But they also serve to give you something very important in any business. Especially a business as unkown and untested in the public eye as Feng Shui. That most important thing is Credibilty.
You may be well known and respected in the Feng Shui community, but to the rest of the World . . .
The 25-45 Minute Presentation
There are hundreds of business and civic groups in every town that need speakers for their events. Use the phone book to find them. Many larger libraries will have a directory of these organizations. Make a list. Call them. Write them. You will need a letter and may be a photo.
Each time you give a talk, add them your growing list of organizations for your next letter. The more orgainzations you can list, the more credibitly you’ll have with the next group.
Also, if the group was pleased with your presentation, be sure to ask them for a written letter of appreciation. Which again adds to your credibility.
In 1984 when I was trying to build a practice as the psychotherapist, I gave over 25 such lectures in one year.
No, I never built up a thriving practice, but I had a lot of fun and some really great food!
We’ll cover teaching and the 3-hour class in the next installment.
If you have any questions or need any help with your business, web site or advanced Feng Shui tutoring, please contact me at

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