Thursday , 20 February 2020
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How to Get Clients and Make Money as a Feng Shui Consultant – Part Three

by Dr. Rob, editor
This is the third of several installments. Please let me know your ideas, suggestions and opinions.
Join Organizations
In Part 2, we talked about the benefits of joining business and civic groups. That they are a source of referrals and a way to gain public recognition for your professional skills and talents.
Talk, Teach and Write
We also discussed your need to communicate with potential clients:
1. Who you are!
2. What you do!
3. How you do business!
Teaching is one of the best ways to get clients. Becuase they’ve seen your presentation and heard your message.
Now how do become a Feng Shui teacher?
First, you need prepare a class. You need to be able to fill a need or at least have information that someone is willing to pay for.
Most 3-hour classes are introductory. Your students may be skeptical or totally unfamilar with Feng Shui. But at least they are willing to pay to learn. You may present the basics like Yin-Yang, 5 elements, East-West relationships, etc.
You will need to prepare the following items:
1. A cover letter to the school or place you want teach your class.
2. A description for the class bulletin or catalog. I also include a list of “Who Should Attend.”
3. An outline of the class.
4. Course materials or handouts. Sometimes the schools will want a copy of the course materials.
Now that we’ve created all this stuff, what are we going to do with it and who are we going to sent it to?
Since the early 80’s, I have taught a variety of classes here in Southern California. I have taught primarily at local colleges and universities, over 20 different schools. But also private organizations and some governmental agencies too.
What you need to do is to locate local college districts for a list of colleges. You are interested in the Continuing Education Department or the Community Services Office. You will send your package to each one of schools addressed to that section. Don’t forget all the City Parks and Recreation Deparments!
How do you make money teaching these classes?
Local colleges pay Community Education teachers several ways. One, about $25 an hour regardless of how many students you have. Definitely not a good plan. Others pay a percentage of the class or a fixed amount for each student. Ask for a fixed amount for each student.
Here is the secret to making money giving lectures or classes. You have to have something to sell, some call it a Materials Fee.
Most of my classes had around 20 students, but one day over 70 students showed up. Each student paid me $15 for a 65 page booklet. I netted $1800 for three hours of fun!
Where there is money to be made and clients to be got, there is competition. Here in Southern California, two people have already tied up most of the local colleges. So if you want to teach at these schools, you’ll have to make your class different than the others.
Sorry, I can’t give you any hints or suggestions, I may want to teach again myself.
My only suggestion is get out there. Be persistant and you will succeed. We’ll cover writing and put it all together in the next installment.
Dear friends, please keep in mind that this series is about business. Yes, its wonderful to balance harmony and create good Qi, but having enough money to balance your check book is pretty wonderful too!
If you have any questions or need any help with your business, web site or advanced Feng Shui tutoring, please contact me at

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