Thursday , 20 February 2020
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How to Get Clients and Make Money as a Feng Shui Consultant – Part One

by Dr. Rob, editor
This is the first of several installments. Please let me know your ideas, suggestions and opinions.
You need to have a Web Site.
Your web site is your calling card, your link to the world. It gives your clients and potential clients a way to find you, and it needs to say at least three things:
1. Who you are!
2. What you do!
3. How you do business!
Your site should be simple, direct and to the point. As well as readable and easy to navigate.
Here is a simple, direct and to the point, one-page web site:
When you design your web site, the width of your text columns should be fixed and narrow, like the ones you’re reading now. It is very hard to read long lines of text without falling asleep.
Also, limit the size and number of grapics on your first page. Because grapics take time to load, and no one wants to wait for a slow site to load.
Also, your graphics need to be optimized or interlaced to speed uploading.
You’ll need to promote your web site. Here are some suggestions:
1. Search engines get your site out where people can find it.
Search engines need to be able to read and understand your web site in order to know how to rank and categorize it.
Write in HTML code, not Java code, becuase search engines don’t like to read Java code. Also, they don’t see graphics, images or pictures!
Don’t have your first page, index.htm, only a picture or graphic with no text for the search engines to read and digest.
When I started and, they were being ranked on Google’s first page out of thousands of other sites in just four days!
2. Swap links with other well established web sites. They will direct traffic to your site.
3. Join Webrings like my Traditional Feng Shui Web Ring.
4. Put your web site on everything and tell everyone!
Study your favorite web sites very closely. Read every page. Click on every icon. Study the HTML code behind every page. Almost everything I do on my web sites, I learned from somebody else’s. Maybe even from yours!
If you have any questions or need any help with your business, web site or advanced Feng Shui tutoring, please contact me at

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